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Located in the central part of Taiwan, the irrigation area is up to 6,258.7 million m2 ranging from Chunghua County to Nantou County. Their main irrigation source is from Choushui River and Wu River. AQUAS Solution activates automatic sampling when detects abnormality and it sends out text simultaneously to the designated environmental audit personnel.
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In confronting cold injury, algal blooms, malfunctioned oxygen enriching machine accompanies huge lost for fish farming, especially incidents happen and manual patrol hard to locate in real-time. AQUAS Solution acts to monitor DO, temperature, ammonia-nitrogen, pH, and the operation condition of oxygen enriching machine. This total solution provides real-time alarm for achieve the goal f lower operation cost and maintenance fee.
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It is Taiwan's highest-level agricultural experimental research institute, and implements state-of-the-art agricultural technology research and development, domestic and foreign agricultural cooperation and academic research programs. Adopt AQUAS soil, water quality and weather cloud monitoring system to monitor smart farm soil moisture content, soil temperature, ambient temperature and humidity, wind direction, wind speed, sunshine, rainfall, fertilizer nutrient solution pH, electrical conductivity, and transmit data to the cloud via 4G network , And use artificial intelligence and big data analysis to improve and increase production per unit area, reduce fertilizer and water use and labor costs.
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