Municipal Water
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Municipal Water Complete Solution

Drinking Water
Smart Monitoring Solution for the Drinking Water Quality Safety
AQUAS Solution of innovative smart monitoring of advanced water resources, pipeline, water purification plant, water supply network and consumers. We provide a comprehensive product portfolio, including water quality analyzers, leak noise transmitters and pipe burst monitors etc. which can track any abnormal phenomenon of water quality from the water resource to the user terminal 24 hours a day. As an early warning and effective control of pollution risks and hazards, to ensure that tap water complies with drinking water regulations and public water safety.
Algae Monitoring High Turbidity Warning Pollution Warning Water Leak Location Pipeline Burst Detection Automatic Drain Water Pressure Control
Reservoir Water Well Water Pipeline Water Purification Plant Seawater Desalting Plant
Water Supply Network Water Supply Network Pressure Reducing Valve End-of-Pipe Drainage Water Construction Water
Actual Benefits
Accident Prevention Energy Conservation Safe Drinking Water Compliance with Regulations Health Security