Wastewater Industry Water
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Wastewater Industry Water

The Daxi and Shimen Reservoir Resource Recovery Centers have benefited more than tens of thousands of households in Daxi and Longtan areas, improving household sewage problems, improving the quality of life of villagers, and ensuring better health. The AQUAS Hydrological Disaster Prevention System, in conjunction with advanced computer precision calculation programs, converts the model into a flood map to form a warning protection barrier.

The biggest power plant on earth and its gross installed capacit y is in 5,824MW. AQUAS Solution ensures its drainage in accordance with the regu lated standards.

A total of 117 AQUAS temperature, pH, and conductivity water quality monitoring systems and image monitoring systems are set up for 117 locations in the country's 18 key industrial zones, for rainwater channels, and for major management manufacturers. And the images are transmitted wirelessly to the industrial center service centers and environmental protection centers in real time, in order to strengthen the wastewater management and supervision mechanism in the industrial area, reduce the probability of illegal discharge by manufacturers and bear the risk of water pollution.
(HMI / SMR04 / SMR07 / SMR44

The total number of employees is 3801 and the establishment is about 1,534 beds. Taichung is a first-class teaching and community courtyard. The wastewater treatment plant uses the AQUAS water quality monitoring and management system to ensure that the water treatment and drainage of patients and medical staff in the hospital meet environmental protection standards.
(HMI / SMR04 / SMR07 / SMR44