ECO Multiparameter Logger and Controller

Multiparameter Data Logger

Battery Powered . Cellular Communication . All-in-One Solution . Explosive Proof .
IECEx/ATEX Ex ia IIB T5 Ga Explosive Proof

■ Water Quality ■ Pressure ■ Transient Pressure ■ Flow ■ Level ■ Weather
The ECO series is a reliable and high performance multiparameter logger. It is easily deployed across a wide range of water and wastewater applications, such as hydrants, manholes, meter vaults, pump stations, bunkers, etc. It supports built-in pressure, I/O module, cellular, GPS, barometer and RS485 modules. The RS485 port is able to connect water quality digital analyzers, transmitters and I/O modules. Ultra low power consumption allows battery or solar power to ensure 5 years of continuous operation. With robust IP68 water submersible enclosure, the product is ideal to be installed in frequently flooded and humidity outdoor environment.
Operate independently Alarm Burst, Water Hammer High Speed Computing IP68 Housing High Speed Computing
Wide Operating Temperature Multi-Parameter Monitoring Intelligent Battery Smart Function Flexible Communications Auto Data Collection

  • Ultra Low Power Consumption, up to 5 Years of Operation
  • Robust IP68 Submersible, Anti-Corrosive Enclosure
  • Support Cellular and Ethernet Hot Backup Redundant Communication
  • Auto Store and Delivery Incomplete Uploads to Ensure No Data Loss
  • Support SD Memory Card for Data Storage and Backup
  • Plug and Play Sensors Port, Auto Connects up to 8 Pressure, Level, Flow and Water Quality Sensors
  • Always on Real-time Detects Digital Inputs Status, Such as Manhole Cover Switch, Level Switch and Water Pollution Sensor to Send Out Alarm Message
  • Built-in High Speed Counters, Connects Directly to Rainfall Gauge and Flow Meter
  • Support Barometer to Compensate Level Measurement for Non-Vented Hydrostatic Level Sensor
  • Temperature, Humidity Monitoring and Pressure Sensor Failure Self Diagnosis Function
  • Support 3 Axis Position Inclination Sensor to Monitor if Incorrect Installation or Position Changed due to Collide, Dorp or Dismantle
  • 0.001 sec Auto Detect and Log Transient Pressure, Water Hammer, Pipeline Burst
  • IF_THEN_ELSE, Time Table, Alarm and Manual ON/OFF Control Functions
  • Peer to Peer Communication of Sensors and I/O for Alarm and Control Conditions of Remate Controllers
  • Support FTP, MQTT, RESTful, Modbus TCP, LoRa, WEB API Protocols and Technology
  • Simultaneously Upload Log and Alarm Files to Two Data Servers
  • Standard OPC Server Software to Seamlessly Connect SCADA Software and Database
  • Remote Data Collection with AQLIB Library for Windows or Linux
  • Cloud Based Platform for Configuration, Operation, Monitoring, Alarm, Control and Data Analysis
  • AQCFG Software Tool for Data Monitoring, Calibration, Configuration and Diagnosis
  • IECEx/ATEX Ex ia IIB T5 Ga Explosive Proof Certification
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: - 40 to 85 ℃ (- 40 to 185 ℉ )






Borderless deployment without standard cabin, signal transmitter, communication module, power supply, surge isolation and lighting arrester Eliminate power/networking/sensor /I/O cabling, software configuration, engineering and infrastructure cost Seamless connection to public or private network and software solutions Easy to install, no need for calibration and quick connect within seconds. It is Ideal for mobile operation Low maintenance and troubleshooting. Minimizes running and operating cost

Incorporating high-speed pressure transients and automatic pipe burst detection technology, our system analyzes water hammer issues caused by sudden pump start/stop, valve adjustments, power failures, and abnormal user water consumption in the pipeline network. This allows us to effectively reduce pipe bursts, eliminate negative pressures, and enhance water supply safety and efficiency.

  Drinking Water
Adopting a unique water supply network automatic drainage system, it can automatically drain the drainage valve based on a schedule or remote control to meet water quality standards. It is suitable for operating in environments where there is no power supply at the end of the pipeline, ensuring that the water quality meets regulatory requirements and improving drinking water safety.

Utilizing low-power and energy-saving technology, it continuously monitors weather and environmental conditions and can operate in extreme climates ranging from -40°C to 85°C. Through mobile and wireless communication, data can be collected without the need to be on-site. When the monitored data reaches the alarm threshold, the data upload frequency can be accelerated to enable real-time condition monitoring.

  Oil & Gas
Equipped with ultra-low power pressure and flammable gas sensors, a 3G wireless transmission host enables real-time monitoring. When abnormalities occur, personnel can be dispatched immediately to inspect, avoiding gas explosion accidents. In the event of an earthquake or pipeline damage, emergency shut-off valves can be quickly closed automatically or remotely to ensure the real-time and accuracy of daily monitoring of the city's underground gas pipeline network.

Real-time monitoring of liquid levels in storage tanks, optimizing tank usage, increasing available capacity, and preventing overflow accidents and losses.     

Our hydrological solution offers a high-reliability and high-performance multi-parameter recorder. With ultra-low power consumption and internal battery operation, it can run continuously for over 5 years, maximizing processing efficiency. The all-in-one design features a fully sealed IP68-rated submersible enclosure, eliminating the need for distribution boxes and allowing direct installation in outdoor locations exposed to humidity, frequent rain, and flooding.

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