PRO Controller

PRO Controller
Battery Powered . Cellular / Ethernet Communication .
■ Valve ■ Pump ■ Transient Pressure ■ Gate ■ Flow ■ Dosing Pump ■ Level ■ Pressure ■ Water Quality

The PRO series is a highly reliable and cost-effective wireless controller and data logger for data collection, communication, logging, alarming, control and analysis applications. It supports built-in pressure, I/Os, cellular, Ethernet, Bluetooth, RS232 and GPS module. With robust IP68 water submersible, aluminum alloy enclosure, the product is designed for frequently flooded underground chambers and extreme temperature and humidity, outdoor locations such as manholes, sewer, vaults and pump stations, etc. Ultra low power consumption allows battery or solar power to ensure 5 years of continuous operation. 
Pipeline Auto Flushing Pumping Station Flooding Gate Well Water Treatment
  • Ultra Low Power Consumption, up to 10 Years of Operation on Internal Battery
  • Supports Sub 2" Pipe Insersion Hydraulic Power Generator to Provide Always On Control and Real-time Data Communication
  • Robust IP68 Enclosure, Continuous Submersible to 10 m of Water, Solution without Cabinet
  • -40~85°C Operating Temperature, 0~100% RH Operating Humidity
  • Support Cellular and Ethernet Hot Backup Redundant Communication
  • Auto Delivery Incomplete Uploads to Ensure No Data Loss
  • Simultaneous Acquisition of 8 Smart Digital Sensors and I/O Modules, built-i n 1 Pressure Sensor and 4DI, 2DO, 2AI
  • 0.01 sec Auto Detection and Data Logging of Transient Pressure, Water Hammer, Pipeline Burst
  • IF_THEN_ELSE, Time Table, Alarm Output and Manual ON/OFF Control for Valve, Pump, Gate and Dosing Pump
  • Built-in Standard Modbus TCP Communication Protocol
  • Integral FTP Protocol, Directly Upload Log Files to User Servers
  • Standard OPC Server Software to Seamlessly Connect SCADA Software and Database
  • Cloud Based Platform for Configuration, Operation, Monitoring, Alarm, Control and Data Analysis
Monitoring Rose Diagram Graph Trend Data Analysis

  • Completely Self Contained
  • Robust Outdoor, Compact Construction
  • High Capacity and Flexibility
  • High Accuracy and Reliability
  • Transient Pressure Detection and Logging
  • Quick Installation
  • Easy Setup
  • Smart Function
  • Auto Data Collection, Cloud Storage, WEB Operation and Monitoring
  • Security

 Multiple Parameters Applications

Block Diagram
   PRO2. Wireless Controller:
RS485 Port + I/O Module 2 (4DI, 2DO, 2AI) + Pressure Module1 (optional)

SMR I/O Modules 
Order No. Description
SMR16-1 Analog input module (2 channels)
SMR17-4 Digital input module (8 channels)
SMR18-1 Digital output module (8 channels)
SMR19-1 Analog output module (2 channels)

Battery and Solar Panel

Order No. Description
BAT01-1 3.6 VDC 28 AH, non-rechargeable lithium battery
BAT02-1 3.6 VDC 10 AH, rechargeable lithium battery
BAT03-1 3.6 VDC 60 AH, IP68 rechargeable lithium battery box
BAT11-2 3.6 VDC 180 AH, IP68 rechargeable lithium battery box
PAN01 IP67 6 VDC, 3 W solar panel
PAN03 IP67 6 VDC, 8 W solar panel
PAN04 IP67 18 VDC, 100 W solar panel
PAN05 IP68 6 VDC, 3 W road mount solar panel
PAN06 IP67 18 VDC, 20 W solar panel
Cable and Antenna 

Order No. Description
CAB06 Configuration cable (1.5 m, USB interface)
CAB12 IP68 2 port RS485 cable
ANT03 IP68 cellular/WiFi antenna (1-3dBi, 5m cable)
ANT04-1 IP68 road mount cellular/WiFi antenna (1-3dBi, 5m cable)
MSW01 LCD switch

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