H2O Water Quality Spectrometer

H2O Water Quality Spectrometer
RS485 Communication

Real-time Monitoring, Cloud Management, Mobile Operation, Anytime and Anywhere

The H2O water quality spectrometer is designed especially for real-time water quality monitoring includes NO3-N, NO2-N, SAC254, COD, CODMn, TOC, BOD, DOC, Turbidity, SS...etc. The sonde is connected directly via RS485, providing real-time, simple, reliable, cost-saving data with remote monitoring, configuration and diagnostics capabilities. With robust IP68 enclosure, it is ideally installed in reservoirs, rivers and lakes. 
Rivers and streams Water Treatment Reservoir Sewer Systems Irrigation Drinking Water
  • Simultaneously Monitoring Multiple Parameters, including NO3-N, NO2-N, SAC254, COD, CODMn, TOC, BOD, DOC, Turbidity, SS
  • Reagent-free, UV-Vis Spectrometry Technology
  • In-Situ, Online Continuous Measurement, No External Sampling Pumps or Pipes
  • Real-time Measurement, Response Time Less Than 10 secs
  • Multiple Parameters Mutual Compensation to Ensure Accuracy and Interference Reduction
  • Onboard Memory Enable Users Easily Calibrate and Configure Sensors at Lab and Distribute to Various Field Sites
  • Ultra Low Power Consumption, Ideal for Outdoor Applications
  • Robust IP68 Enclosure, Continuous Submersible to 100 m of Water
  • Anti-Fouling Automatic Cleaning Wiper, Almost No Maintenance
  • Built-in Standard Modbus RTU Communication Protocol
 System Architecture
    The The H2O Series is built-in RS485 communication, providing seamless connections to public or
   private network.
   AQWEB/AQOPC Station  
  • Notebook with AQCFG software for configuration
  • AQWEB WEB Server software for configuration, automatic data acquisition and storage, remote monitoring, alarming, control, Google Earth fusion display, data analysis, transient pressure analysis, time series trend graph and tabular report functions
  • Seamless SCADA software and database connectivity via AQOPC OPC server
  • AQLIB Application interface library (API) for developing user customized software
     ARK Water Quality Buoy/ ECO Wireless Logger / HMI Multiparameter Controller 
  • Periodically sample sensors and logged with time stamp
  • Borderless cellular communication
  • Peer to peer communication
      H2O Multiparameter Water Quality Spectrometer 
  • RS485 communication
  • Standard Modbus RTU protocol
  • Up to 1. 2 Km transmission distance
 Measurement Principle 
Light path 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 mm
Accuracy ±5% in standard solution
Measurement interval 10 sec to 1 hour (adjustable)°C
Power 12V DC±10%, 0.5 A
Interface 19,200 bps, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit
Operation temperature -10 to 50 °C
Operation pressure Max.10 Kgf/cm2
Protection IP68 (submersion at 250 m depth for 365 days)
Housing Material Immersion: SS316L, Titanium
Flow through; POM
Dimensions Φ75x416(H) mm (immersion)
Φ110x308(L) mm (flowthrough)
Weight 5 Kg (immersion, SS316L)
3.5 Kg (immersion, Titanium)
2 Kg (flowthrough, POM)
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