H2O Water Quality Spectrometer

Water Quality Spectrometer

RS485 Communication. All-in-One Solution.

■ UV254 ■ COD ■ CODMn ■ TOC ■ BOD ■ DOC ■ NO3 ■ NO2 ■ Turbidity ■ SS ■ Color ■ Chloramine ■ HS- ■ O3 ■ Chl-a ■ BTX ■ Temperature ■ Fingerprint
The H2O water quality spectrometer is designed especially for real-time water quality monitoring includes NO3-N, NO2-N, UV254, COD, CODMn, TOC, BOD, DOC, Turbidity, SS, Color, Chloramine, HS-, O3, ChlorophyII a, BTX, Temperature, Fingerprint, Fingerprint Derivative...etc. The sonde is connected directly via RS485, providing real-time, simple, reliable, cost-saving data with remote monitoring, configuration and diagnostics capabilities. With robust IP68 enclosure, it is ideally installed in reservoirs, rivers and lakes.

 Products Advantages
Operate independently Alarm Burst, Water Hammer High Speed Computing IP68 Housing High Speed Computing
Wide Operating Temperature Multi-Parameter Monitoring Intelligent Battery Smart Function Flexible Communications Auto Data Collection

Reagentless UV-Vis Spectrum Measurement  
H2O spectrometer continuously online realtime measures multiple water quality parameters directly in-situ without intensive sample pre-treatment.The lamp emits UV-Vis light passing through the sample to be analysed. The spectrometer resolve the wavelength into high resolution spectrum with advanced algorithms to provide the concentrations of multiple parameters and eliminates mutual interferences such as chemicals, turbidity, color. Built-in an auto wiper to remove the bubbles, fouling and contamination of optical windows to reduce the maintenance cost.






Borderless deployment without standard cabin, signal transmitter, communication module, power supply, surge isolation and lighting arrester Eliminate power/networking/sensor/I/O cabling, software configuration, engineering and infrastructure cost Seamless connection to public or private network and software solutions Easy to install, no need for calibration and quick connect within seconds. It is Ideal for mobile operation Low maintenance and troubleshooting. Minimizes running and operating cost

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