PWS Mobile Automatic Water Sampler

Mobile Automatic Water Sampler

Battery Powered. Cellular/Ethernet Communication. All-in-One Solution.
IECEx/ATEX Ex ia IIB T5 Ga Explosive Proof

■ Water Quality
The PWS Mobile Automatic Water Sampler is ideal for automatic collection and preservation of liquid samples for water and wastewater monitoring applications. There are multiple modes of sampling such as auto operation and triggered via signals from external instruments.
Peer to Peer Communication Exceedance Sampling for Emissions Real-Time Monitoring IP68 Housing Alarm Automatic Sampler
Ultra-Low Power Consumption Multi-Parameter Monitoring Multiple Sampling Modes Convenient High-Performance Communications Auto Data Collection

  • Integrated Water Quality, Flow and Rainfall Monitoring, Data Logging and Communication Functions
  • Auto Sampling Triggered by Water Quality, Flow and Rainfall
  • Real-time Data and Alarm Communication
  • Support Cellular, WiFi and Ethernet Hot backup Redundant Communication
  • Ultra Low Power Consumption, Battery Powered, Autonomously Ope rating up to 3 years
  • Plug and Play Sensors Port, Auto Connects up to 8 Water Quality, Flow and Level Sensors
  • Auto Sampling Triggered via Digital and Analog Inputs and External Smart Digital Sensors
  • Peer to Peer Communication of Sensors and I/O for Alarm and Control Conditions of Remate Controllers
  • Support FTP, MQTT, RESTful, Modbus TCP, HART Protocols
  • Simultaneously Upload Log and Alarm Files to Two Data Servers
  • Standard OPC Server Software to Seamlessly Connect SCADA Software and Database
  • Remote Data Collection with AQLIB Library for Windows or Linux
  • Cloud Based Platform for Configuration, Operation, Monitoring , Alarm, Control and Data Analysis






Borderless deployment without standard cabin, signal transmitter, communication module, power supply, surge isolation and lighting arrester Eliminate power/networking/sensor /I/O cabling, software configuration, engineering and infrastructure cost Seamless connection to public or private network and software solutions Easy to install, no need for calibration and quick connect within seconds. It is Ideal for mobile operation Low maintenance and troubleshooting. Minimizes running and operating cost

River and stream water
Addressing issues such as groundwater pollution, salinization, and subsidence, we offer a remarkable product portfolio for long-term monitoring and real-time alerts of groundwater. Our solutions are designed to ensure the safety of groundwater resources and safeguard against potential risks.

  Drainage and irrigation channels
With an exceptional product portfolio, our solutions enable long-term, accurate, and stable monitoring of effluent water quality and quantity. This ensures compliance with regulatory standards and reduces environmental pollution.

  Sewerage system
Our reliable and durable product lineup offers a powerful decision-making tool for urban drainage management. It provides real-time alerts, optimizes overall scheduling, maximizes the drainage capacity of infrastructure, and enhances self-recovery resilience. Our solutions effectively reduce stormwater overflow and unauthorized discharges, mitigating pollution risks.

  Stormwater runoff
Our robust and weather-resistant product lineup automatically collects real-time hydrological data, enabling accurate prediction of dynamic flooding processes in the next 36 hours. Through optimized management and coordinated control of drainage networks, pump stations, and retention basins, our solutions are designed to tackle the challenges posed by extreme weather conditions. By doing so, we effectively reduce the impact of flooding and minimize the occurrence of pollution-related disasters.

  Urban and industrial wastewater
Our advanced product portfolio is designed to tackle challenging environmental conditions, enabling wastewater treatment plants to achieve energy efficiency, reduced consumption, and optimal operation. We are committed to continuously improving operational efficiency through fine-tuned management practices, ensuring sustainable and environmentally responsible wastewater management.

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