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Sewer Network Flow and Water Quality Monitoring System

Storm Water
Smart Early Warning and Control Solution for flood prevention
AQUAS Inc offers highly reliable flood control and drainage smart early warning solution by providing a strong and weather-resistant product portfolio, including rainfall loggers, radar flow velocity meters, radar flow meters, and road flooding sensors, etc. The equipment was applied to automatically collect real-time water status data, predict the courses of flooding event in the next 36 hours, and optimize the control and deployment of drainage pipe system, pumping station, retarding basin, and other facilities. By carrying out the smart solution, we are able to face extreme weather and efficiently reduce the damage caused by flood and pollution.
Rainfall Monitoring Flow Velocity Monitoring Flow Volume Monitoring Flood Report Flood Precaution Contamination Monitoring
Rainfall Heavy Rain Overflow Retarding Basin Drainage Channels River Flow Level and Volume Road Flooding
Actual Benefits
Real-time Alarm Incident Precaution Optimization and Adjustment Support Decision-making