HMI Multiparameter Controller

Water Quality and Flow Controller

Cellular/Ethernet Communication . All-in-One Solution .
IECEx/ATEX Ex ia IIB T5 Ga Explosive Proof

■ Water Quality ■ Flow ■ Velocity ■ Level ■ Pressure
The HMI series is a highly reliable and cost-effective water quality and flow controller for data collection, communication, logging, alarming, control and analysis applications. It supports built-in I/Os, cellular, Ethernet, Bluetooth, RS485 and GPS module. The RS485 port is able to connect maximum up to 8 SMR digital sensors includes free chlorine, PH, ORP,temperature, conductivity, resistivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, salinity, suspended solid, ammonium, flow, velocity, level, pressure etc, it is ideal to be installed in water and wastewater treatment plant.
Operate independently Alarm Graphic Control Function Open Channel Flow Conversion IP68 Housing Water Quality Flux Accumulation
-40~85 ℃ Multi-Parameter Monitoring USB Port Intelligent Battery High-Performance Communications Auto Data Collection

  • Support Cellular, WiFi and Ethernet Hot Backup Redundant Communication
  • Built-in Open Channel Flow Calculation Functions, Connects up to 2 Level Sensors to Measure and Monitor Flow
  • Waste Fluxes Calculation Function (Concentration X Flow) to Monitor Pollution Load
  • Plug and Play Sensors Ports, Auto Connects up to 8 Water Quality Sensors
  • Built-in Data Logger, Store up to 2,000,000 Log
  • Battery Backup for 7 Days Non-Stop Monitoring during Power Outages
  • Auto Store and Delivery Incomplete Uploads to Ensure No Data Loss
  • Alarm Log, SMS Messaging and Control Outputs
  • Peer to Peer Communication of Sensors and I/O for Alarm and Control Conditions of Remate Control
  • Support FTP, MQTT, RESTful, Modbus TCP, HART, LoRa Protocols
  • Simultaneously Upload Log and Alarm Files to Two Data Servers
  • Standard OPC Server Software to Seamlessly Connect SCADA Software and Database
  • Remote Data Collection with AQLIB Library for Windows or Linux
  • Cloud Based Platform for Configuration, Operation, Monitoring, Alarm, Control and Data Analysis






Borderless deployment without standard cabin, signal transmitter, communication module, power supply, surge isolation and lighting arrester Eliminate power/networking/sensor /I/O cabling, software configuration, engineering and infrastructure cost Seamless connection to public or private network and software solutions Easy to install, no need for calibration and quick connect within seconds. It is Ideal for mobile operation Low maintenance and troubleshooting. Minimizes running and operating cost

We employ innovative solar-powered and maintenance-free water quality monitoring instruments. These instruments monitor parameters such as dissolved oxygen, water temperature, pH, salinity, ammonia nitrogen, and nitrate nitrogen. Additionally, they control aeration machines, feed dispensers, as well as inlet and outlet valves. Operating seamlessly in outdoor and humid environments, these systems provide comprehensive 24/7 monitoring and early warning capabilities, ensuring aquaculture safety while reducing production costs and maintenance expenses.

We utilize an innovative standalone multi-parameter water quality monitoring system. This system enables real-time monitoring, providing continuous and comprehensive data collection and analysis of water quality. By enhancing crop yields and improving product quality, it ensures lower operational costs and maintenance expenses. Through mobile and wireless communication, there is no need to collect data on-site. When monitoring data reaches alarm levels, data upload frequency can be accelerated for immediate situational monitoring.

  Drinking Water
We offer a reliable and durable product combination that provides urban water management with powerful decision-making information. Our system enables real-time alerts, optimizing overall scheduling and maximizing the drainage capacity and self-recovery resilience of infrastructure. It effectively reduces stormwater overflows and unauthorized sewage discharges, ensuring the safety and cleanliness of drinking water.

  Sewage Discharge Monitoring
We utilize cutting-edge wireless communication, ultra-low power consumption, and long-lasting operation technology, including IP68 waterproofing up to 5 meters. Our system monitors water intakes from rivers, tap water, and irrigation channels. In case of any water quality abnormalities, immediate alerts are issued, and water samples are automatically collected. This enables effective tracking of illegal discharges and prevents pollution escalation, ensuring public safety and the well-being of the community.

  Industrial Processes
We adopt innovative low-power technology in an intelligent multi-parameter water quality analyzer that requires minimal maintenance and can be instantly deployed. It enables continuous monitoring of wastewater treatment equipment and water quality, providing round-the-clock surveillance throughout the year to ensure that water quality meets the required standards while reducing maintenance costs. In the event of equipment malfunctions or abnormal water quality, the system can immediately issue alerts, enhancing our ability to respond promptly. This will contribute to the smooth and efficient operation of wastewater treatment processes.

  Industrial Processes
We offer a precise and highly reliable smart water quality monitoring solution for industrial processes. Our product combination provides stability and durability, ease of operation, and eliminates the need for reagents or consumables. It automatically and instantly collects and analyzes all water quality data during the production process, optimizing process control to effectively enhance production efficiency and quality while reducing production costs.

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