ART Multiparameter Water Quality Analyzer

ART Multiparameter Water Quality Analyzer
Battery Powered . Cellular / Ethernet Communication .
■ Free Chlorine ■ pH ■ Turbidity ■ Color ■ Conductivity ■ Pressure ■ ORP ■ Level

The ART multiparameter water quality analyzer is designed especially for drinking and pure water monitoring such as free chlorine, pH, ORP, conductivity, turbidity, temperature...etc. The analyzer provides real-time, simple, reliable, cost-efficient measurement with remote monitoring, configuration and diagnostics capabilities, it is ideally installed in commercial, medical, factory, school and hotel buildings.
Drinking Water Purified Water Sea Water School Hospital Hotel

  • Plug and Play Sensors Ports, Auto Connects up to 8 Water Quality, Pressure, Level and Flow Sensors
  • Auto Cleaning Design, Less Maintenance
  • Built-in Data Logger , Store up to 2,000,000 Log
  • Support Cellurar, WiFi and Ethernet, Hot Backup Redundant Communication
  • Auto Store and Delivery Incomplete Uploads to Ensure No Data Loss
  • Support Battery Backup for 3 Days Non-Stop Monitoring during Power Outages
  • Alarm Log, SMS Meassaging and Control Outputs
  • Support FTP, MQTT, RESTful, Modbus TCP Protocol, Directly Upload Log Files to User Servers
  • Standard OPC Server Software to Seamlessly Connect SCADA Software and Database
  • Cloud Based Platform for Configuration, Operation, Monitoring , Alarm, Control and Data Analysis

Power 3.6~12 V DC, 1 A
Interface 19,200 bps, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit
Environmental Operating 0 to 85 °C
Protection IP68 (submersion at 100 m depth
Housing Material SS316L; Titanium (optional)
Dimensions MAX1: Φ 47x328 (H) mm; MAX2: Φ 75x365 (H) mm
Weight MAX1: 1.5 Kg ; MAX2: 2.5 Kg

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