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AQWEB Software

SCADA Server Software

AQWEB Cloud Management Platform Software is designed to be fully integrated with a comprehensive range of AQUAS products.It consists of remote configuration, monitoring, control, Google Map fusion display, flow chart, data table, statistical analysis, transient pressure analysis, alarm summary, trend and report functions. AQWEB provide user-friendly WEB solution to make faster operation, monitoring, diagnostics and analysis across the complete water applications from anytime and anywhere.
100% Compatible Web Browsers and Mobile Devices
Open Interface with Web Services and APIs
Customized Excel format report
Auto Registration and Synchronization of Configuration for all AQUAS Instruments
Ultra Fast Web Browsing within Seconds via Event-Driven Communication
Customized LOGO, Login Display, Flow Chart
No limit of Users
Google Maps with GPS Positioning and Location Tracking
GIS Files Import and Display
Comply with Internet Security Standard
Periodically Backup Database to Second Server
Free AQNET App for Mobile Monitoring and Operation
Provides OPC DA Server to Interface with SCADA Software
Dynamic flow chart editor and display