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Aquas Inc. Taiwan based Manufacturer of multiparameter sensors,wireless controller and data logger cloud-based SCADA and artificial intelligence management systems, used in stormwater drainage, municipal water, wastewater, industrial water, drinking water, medical water, surface water, groundwater, agriculture, fishery...etc, at thousands of sites across the globe.

Our products are all designed for accuracy, reliability, flexibility, ease of use and low maintenance.
All manufacturing processes follows the highest industrial standards and certificated by ISO9001.

With more than 20 years experiences and tens of thousands systems installed in cities around the world, AQUAS has created a truly unique suite of field proven technologies that are unmatched in the industry including ultra low power consumption, battery powered, rugged and all-weather, plug-and-play sensors, real-time telemetry systems, cloud-based management servers, machine learning and artificial intelligence systems.

With sales partners and technical centers in over 50 countries, Aquas commits to provide the best services and support to all customers around the world.

Rainwater channel in Taiwan’s Industrial Zone
The Bureau of Industry set up the automatic water quality monitoring system for rainwater sewer in 18 industrial zones in Taiwan that is not installing sewage treatment plant. There are 114 automatic water monitoring systems and 100 monitoring systems. And they are all present in real-time.
AQUAS Smart Water Quality Monitoring System for Hospital Wastewater
Taichung Veterans General Hospital is a first-class teaching and community Hospital. Total number of employees is about 3800 with about 1,530 beds. The wastewater treatment plant have used the AQUAS water quality monitoring and management system from 2017 to ensure that the water treatment and drainage of patients and medical staff in the hospital meet environmental protection standards.
We are monitoring different parameters in the following wastewater treatment procedures as below:
1.Intake ditch: This is raw wastewater intake ditch. AQUAS helps to monitoring PH, ORP, Conductivity, TSS (Total Suspended Solids), COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), NH4+.
2.Aeration basin: AQUAS helps to monitoring PH, ORP, Conductivity, TSS and DO( Optical Dissolved Oxygen).
3.Sludge Digestion basin: AQUAS helps to monitoring PH, ORP and Conductivity.
4.Final Discharge: AQUAS helps to monitoring PH, ORP, Conductivity, TSS, COD, NH4+.
Besides, AQWEB which is our cloud platform with SCADA service helps Auto data collection, cloud storage, configuration, operation and the most important is Alarming and data analysis. AQUAS provide a full solution for a smart and simple water quality monitoring system.

AQUAS Makes Lover River Better
Have you ever been to Love River in Kaohsiung? If your answer is yes, you must found that the quality of water is not bad now. To provide a clean environment for citizens and tourism, the government installs AQUAS’ equipment in the river.

There are three sites for monitoring. They are in Zhongdu Bridge, Happiness River and Zhongzheng Bridge. The equipment for monitoring is called ECO. It could monitor pressure, transient pressure, flow, level, weather and flushing valve. Also, it could connect eight sensors simultaneously for monitor water quality. For example, we monitor temperature, ph, conductivity, salinity, dissolved oxygen and level for these three sites. It not only could detect, it has Built-in Standard Modbus TCP Communication Protocol, user could transport data to servers. And of course, it is real-time. We design the website for people to look up the statistics too. It not only provides real-time statistics, it could be graph for you to check up the situation for a period of time. All in all, the government monitors the river easily and effectively by installing our equipment.

The Flood Forecasting and Warning System (PRAB) in Malaysia
The Flood Forecasting and Warning System (PRAB) is in need of extra funding to conduct more research on the increasing flood prone areas in the country.

AQUAS have helped to build 800 sets of systems in Northeast states of Malaysia, including Kelantan, Pahang and Terengganu, and other state governments. The system is including timely rainfall, water level, flow monitoring, early warning, and warning broadcasting. This monitoring information can be as a decision support and optimization of disaster prevention resource scheduling,
Besides, The system could predict a flood at least seven days before the disaster and improve the system's announcement and alerting capabilities.

In the near future, a total of about 2,000 flow, water level, rainfall monitoring stations nationwide will be installed.
Innovative Water Management: New Taipei City Government Advances Flood Control Response Efficiency
With the rapid development of data communication technologies such as big data, Internet of Things (Io T), and wireless transmission, building smart cities has become an international trend. In response to climate abnormalities around the world, the frequency of typhoons and heavy rains has increased, and the increase of intensity rainfall. The New Taipei City Government actively promotes the "Smart Flood Control Network Promotion and Construction Plan" and "Rain Underwater Channel Water Level Monitoring System" to improve disaster prevention, early warning and Resilience. Hope it could integrate big data in the Internet of Things, the integration of the system and services of urban rainwater channels to improve the efficiency of resource utilization, optimize urban management and service functions, improve the citizen’s life quality, provide innovative water management services, and improve the effectiveness of flood response.

It focused on monitoring the drainage level in the river area in the past. Most of the data collection is relied on on-site investigation. It would be surveyed and responded personally. It is really lack of timely monitoring. In the view of this situation, The New Taipei City Government has deployed 70 flood sensors and integrated data with existed geographic information systems (GIS) to achieve automatic flood detection and real-time reporting. It refers to the past flooding records to install equipment in the 18 jurisdictions of New Taipei City, and it adopts new equipment of the Internet of Things, which can achieve full-time automatic and real-time monitoring function to improve disaster response in decision-making and flood control efficiency, so that citizens can live and work in peace and free from flood threats.

In addition to floods, droughts should not be underestimated. There is insufficient rainfall in the flood season each year. Since the non-flood season enters in November, the water supply will be prone to poor water conditions. When the water situation is severe, the New Taipei City government not only actively calls on the water supply institutions to negotiate the deployment to stabilize the water supply for the people's livelihood, but also through various promotional channels, such as marquee, press release, Facebook and promotional videos, urges the public to cooperate in saving water for Enter the stage of reduced water supply. The water resources prepared during the drought mainly consisted of 76 drought-resistant wells and water recovered by various water resource recovery centers. Four of them are public drought-resistant wells, and the remaining 72 are private, well-established water wells. If water conditions continue to be poor, requisition will be initiated if necessary.
Chaohu City Water Environment Comprehensive Monitoring System
Sewage pipe network, sewage plant, river channel, flooded water point, etc., the liquid level, flow rate, pH, ORP,COD, ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, turbidity, etc. About 110 water quality monitoring stations in the drainage network, included in the comprehensive water environment.
The management platform will subsequently set up 500 hydrological and water quality monitoring stations.
AQUAS Supplies Solutions and Service Globally In Water Environment, Stormwater Drainage, Municipal Water, Wastewater, Industrial Water, Drinking Water, Groundwater and Agriculture Water Fields
We provide robust Ex certificated ultra low powered FLO wireless open channel flow monitoring system to monitor sewer and drainage system flow, velocity, level, water quality, rainfall and manhole cover. We also provide unprecedented smart ROD wireless flooding level logger to monitor the flooding level of roads and areas to provide overall decision making information to prevent metropolitan flooding and pollution.
We provide innovative ARK monitoring buoy system, ONE multiparameter sonde and H2O water quality spectrometer to operate autonomously in rivers, reservoirs to ensure real-time water quality monitoring and rapid response.
We provide smart, reliable accurate SMR online water quality analyzers and cutting edge HMI multiparameter controller to monitor water quality in wastewater treatment and industrial process to ensure overall performance and compliance of regulations.
We provide sub 2” state-of-the-art, rugged MAX multiparameter sonde and high cost efficient, ultra low powered ONE wireless logger to monitor groundwater level and water quality up to 1000 meters depth to prevent depletion, salinization, contamination and shortage of groundwater.
We provide advanced ultra low powered ECO wireless logger and ultra high performance PRV Controller to manage pressure and flow to reduce leakage and burst in water distribution network and provide next generation ART multiparameter water quality analyzer to ensure water cleanness, safety and compliance of regulation.
We provide next generation ART multiparameter water quality analyzer to monitor water quality to comply with regulation and ensure safety and good quality of water .
We provide Ex certificated advanced ultra low powered ECO wireless Logger to monitor pressure, flow, temperature, switches that were previously not measureable or not economical to ensure process safety and production efficiency.
We provide next generation AQWEB AI based cloud management platform and cutting edge AQNET SCADA App to provide online monitoring, remote operation, control, alarming, data analysis, trend and report to enhence operation efficiency.
We provide high performance PRO wireless controller and SMR smart digital sensors to monitor and control flow, gate position, water quality, weather and soil conditions to increase the productivity and enhence the irrigation efficiency
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