Wastewater Treatment and Effluent Water Quality Monitoring System

Wastewater Complete

Innovation Solution: Municipal, Industrial, Drinking Water, Wastewater
pH, ORP, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, SS, Ammonium, Nitrate, Nitride, COD 
We provide high performance HMI multiparameter controller and SMR online water quality analyzers to monitor ammonium, nitrate, TP, COD, TOC, pH, total suspened solids, ORP and conductivity in water and wastewater treatment plant to ensure overall performance and compliance of regulations.
Cellular, CDMA, WiFi, Satellite Communication
Mobile, Borderless and Flexible Deployment
Simultaneous Acquisition of Multiple Parameters
Pressure, Flow, Level, Water Quality, Climate, etc
Integrate all kinds of instruments
Receive analog signal,Support mainstream agreement
No supplies, no thin Membrane, reagent free
Almost maintenance-free
Plug & Play
Auto Registration, Synchronization and Display
Seamless Software Connectivity
SCADA, Modeling, GIS and HMI
Powerful cloud platform
Can be anytime, anywhere Operation and monitoring