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Municipal Water and Drinking
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Water Distribution Network Advanced Pressure Management System

Innovation Solution: Municipal, Hospital, Commercial, Hotel
Water Distribution Network Water Quality Monitoring System
Free Chlorine, Turbidity, Color, pH, ORP, Conductivity, TOC, ORP, Temperature
At the distribution network, uncirculated drinking water may cause health problems due to the decline of disinfection and the increase of disinfection by-products (DPBs). We provide next generation ART multiparameter water quality monitoring system to manage water quality with real-time response based on water quality measurement to ensure cleanness, clarity, safety, healthy and compliance of regulations.
Ultra Low Power Consumption
Mobile, Borderless and Flexible Deployment
Extreme Climate Operation
Pressure, Flow, Level, Water Quality, Climate, etc
IP68 Rating Robust Enclosure
Receive analog signal,Support mainstream agreement
Cellular, CDMA, WiFi, Satellite Communication
Almost maintenance-free
Simultaneous Acquisition of Multiple Parameters
Auto Registration, Synchronization and Display
No Consumables, No Membrane, No Reagent
SCADA, Modeling, GIS and HMI
Plug & Play
Auto Registration, Synchronization and Display