FLO Open Channel Flow Meter
Open Channel Flow Meter

Flow, Level ,Water Quality, Rainfall Monitoring and Control System

FLO Open Channel Flow Meter

The FLO series is a highly reliable and cost-effective wireless open channel flow meter with innovative technology for flow monitoring, communication, logging, alarming, control and analysis applications. It is built-in with flow modules, I/Os, cellular communication, Bluetooth, RS485 and GPS module. With robust IP68 water submersible enclosure, the product is designed for frequently flooded underground chambers and extreme temperature and humidity, outdoor locations such as sewer systems, river, channels etc. Ultra low power consumption allows battery or solar power tp ensure for 5 years of continuous operation. The RS485 port is able to connect up to 8 SMR water quality analyzers including free chlorine, pH, ORP,temperature, conductivity, resistivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, salinity, suspended solid, ammonium, nitrate and COD ...etc.
  • Non-Contact Innovative Radar Measurement Technology
  • time Data and Alarm Communication
  • Ultra Low Power Consumption, up to 10 Years of Operation on Internal Battery
  • Robust IP68 Enclosure, Solution without Cabinet
  • -40~85°C Operating Temperature, 0~100% RH Operating Humidity
  • Support Cellular, WiFi, Ethernet, Satellite Redundant Communication Hot Backup
  • Auto Delivery Incomplete Uploads to Ensure No Data Loss
  • Simultaneous Acquisition of 8 Smart Digital Sensors and I/O Modules, built-in 1 Pressure Sensor and 2DI, 2DO, 2AI, 2AO Signals
  • Integral FTP Protocal, Directly Upload Log Files to User Server
  • Standard OPC Server Software to Seamlessly Connect SCADA Software and Database
  • Cloud Based Platform for Configuration, Operation, Monitoring, Alarm, Control and Data Analysis
Typical Application
Type Applications Port Assignment
Port1 Port2 Port3
FLO FLO RS485 I/O Module 1 Barometer Module (Optional)
System Architecture
The FLO Series is fully integrated with cellular, WiFi, Satellite, Bluetooth, RS485 and Ethernet communication, providing seamless connections from sensors and I/O to public or private network. 
  • Notebook with AQCFG software for configuration
  • AQWEB WEB Server software for configuration, automatic data acquisition and storage, remote monitoring, alarming, control, Google Earth fusion display, data analysis, transient pressure analysis, time series trend graph andtabular report functions
  • Seamless SCADA software and database connectivity via AQOPC OPC server
  • Application interface library for developing user customized software
►FLO Open Channel Flow Meter
  • Periodically sample digital transmitters, I/Os and serial devices, logged with time stamp
  • Borderless cellular and WiFi communication
  • Peer to peer communication
►SMR Sensors and I/O Module
  • RS485 serial communication
  • Standard Modbus RTU protocol
  • Up to 1.2 Km transmission distance
System Architecture
Block Diagram
FLO Flow, Level ,Water Quality, Rainfall Monitoring System: RS485 Port + I/O Module (2DI, 2AI)


Battery and Solar Panel 
Order No. Description
BAT01 3.6 V DC 28 AH, non-rechargeable lithium battery
BAT02 3.6 V DC 10 AH, rechargeable lithium battery
BAT03 3.6 V DC 60 AH, IP68 rechargeable lithium battery box
BAT11-1 12 V DC 60 AH, IP68 rechargeable lithium battery box
BAT11-2 3.6 V DC 180 AH, IP68 rechargeable lithium battery box
BAT11-3 3.6 V DC 60 AH and 12 V DC 30 AH , IP68 rechargeable lithium battery box
PAN01 IP676VDC,3W solar panel
PAN03 IP676VDC,8W solar panel
PAN04 IP67 18 V DC, 100 W solar panel
PAN05 IP68 6 V DC, 3 W road mount solar panel

Hub Cable and Antenna
Order No. Description
BOX01 IP68 4 port RS485 hub
BOX02 IP68 8 port RS485 hub
CAB02 Con guration cable (1.5 m, USB interface)
CAB12 IP68 2 port RS485 cable (20 cm)
ANT03 IP68 cellular/WiFi antenna (1-3dBi, 5m cable)
ANT04-1 IP68 road mount cellular/WiFi antenna (1-3dBi, 5m cable)

SMR I/O Modules 
Order No. Description
SMR16-1 Analog input module(2 channels)
SMR17-4 Digital input module(8 channels)
SMR18-1 Digital input module(8 channels)
SMR19-1 Analog output module(2 channels)