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“Symbiosis with water” Taoyuan City Government introduces smart water management system

In recent years, due to the effects of climate change and urbanization, water resources-derived problems have followed one after another. Water is the lifeline of Taoyuan. Facing the challenges of "too much water", "too little water", and "too dirty water", the Taoyuan City Government introduced the latest ICT technology elements to develop smart water management, so that complex problems can be immediately, Quick, correct and effective dealing with.
Regarding the threat of flooding caused by heavy rain (too much water), the Taoyuan City Government realized that the public construction were not enough, actively promoted smart disaster prevention strategies, and fully having the detailed environment information of the Taoyuan area through real-time water monitoring (rainfall, river water level, road flooding, sewers flow), laying a good basic environment for smart disaster prevention. And renovate 9 water gates, when the heavy rain comes, you can automatically adjust or remotely control the water gate opening and closing by the administrator, and quickly enter the state of preparedness. A large amount of water monitoring and disaster prevention information is also made public through the "Water Viewing Taoyuan APP", providing early warning, flood notification, and refuge, so that everyone can prevent disasters on their own.

As for the problem of water shortage during the drought period (too little water), groundwater is a relatively stable water resource, and the Taoyuan City Government excavated 15 wells and stocked industrial wells to prepare for drought problem. However, the information of groundwater is not easy to get, which makes management difficult. In view of this, the Taoyuan City Government took the lead in cooperating with 13 companies to install water online equipment in groundwater wells, and immediately transmitted the groundwater level flow to the "Taoyuan City Smart Groundwater Management System", and performed artificial intelligence analysis on the data to give the support to the Taoyuan City Government for decision suggestions. It is estimated that there will be 160 cooperative wells in 2020, mastering the actual pumping volume of about 70 million tons per year, and implementing the goal of protecting the sustainability of water resources.

In addition, for the management of domestic sewage (water is too dirty), the Taoyuan City Government actively promotes sewerage projects and the construction of water resource recycle centers. However, considering the increasing complexity of sewer pipelines, the completed sewer systems and sewage treatment plants also need to be properly maintained. Therefore, the Taoyuan City Government developed the "Taoyuan City Sewer Cloud Intelligent Management System", using IoT, AR virtual reality and other advanced technology, combined with the GIS geographic information system, covers the management of 6 water resource recycle centers in Taoyuan City and more than 15,200 sewer pipelines, fully get the latest status of the sewers, effectively maintains, repairs, and ensures the service level of the sewer system.

After upgrading, Taoyuan City actively carries out water resources management. In the future, it will continue to upgrade the water resources engineering to the management side, and use management methods to introduce water resources management and smart water technology to make water use more efficient and water recycling more thorough. Make Taoyuan a resilient city that "symbiosis with water".

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