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AQUAS Makes Lover River Better


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Have you ever been to Love River in Kaohsiung? If your answer is yes, you must found that the quality of water is not bad now. To provide a clean environment for citizens and tourism, the government installs AQUAS’ equipment in the river.

There are three sites for monitoring. They are in Zhongdu Bridge, Happiness River and Zhongzheng Bridge. The equipment for monitoring is called ECO. It could monitor pressure, transient pressure, flow, level, weather and flushing valve. Also, it could connect eight sensors simultaneously for monitor water quality. For example, we monitor temperature, ph, conductivity, salinity, dissolved oxygen and level for these three sites. It not only could detect, it has Built-in Standard Modbus TCP Communication Protocol, user could transport data to servers. And of course, it is real-time. We design the website for people to look up the statistics too. It not only provides real-time statistics, it could be graph for you to check up the situation for a period of time. All in all, the government monitors the river easily and effectively by installing our equipment.

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