Tank Level Monitoring System
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Tank Level Monitoring System

Innovation Solution: Petrochemical
Tank Level Monitoring System
Conductivity, Turbidity, PAHs, Free Chlorine, pH
AQUAS Solution has given assurance to elevate the tank capacity and prevent overflow lost incident via real-time level monitoring to utilize the usage of tanks.
Ultra Low Power Consumption
No External Power, Autonomously Operation up to 10 years
Extreme Climate Operation
Operating in -30~85°C Environment
IP68 Rating Robust Enclosure
Continuous Submersion for 5 m Water
Cellular, CDMA, WiFi, Satellite Communication
Mobile, Borderless and Flexible Deployment
Simultaneous Acquisition of Multiple Parameters
Pressure, Flow, Level, Water Quality, Climate, etc.
Seamless Software Connectivity
SCADA, Modeling, GIS and HMI
Powerful cloud platform
Operation and Monitoring, Anytime and Anywhere
PRODUCTS: Conductivity, Turbidity, PAHs, Free Chlorine, pH