Gas and Petrochemical
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Petrochemical Industry Wireless Process Monitoring System

Innovation Solution: Oil & Gas, Petrochemical
Petrochemical Industry Wireless Process Monitoring System
Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Level, Water Quality, Gas
We provide Ex-proof, battery powered, ECO wireless logger and SMR analytical and measurement instruments with highly secure and reliable wireless communication capability, allowing customers to monitor process or equipments that were previously not measurable (remote, moving / rotating) or not economical to measure due to the high cost and difficulty of running wires in industrial process plants.
Ultra Low Power Consumption
No External Power, Autonomously Operation up to 10 years
Extreme Climate Operation
Operating in -30~85°C Environment
IP68 Rating Robust Enclosure
Continuous Submersion for 5 m Water
Cellular, CDMA, WiFi, Satellite Communication
Mobile, Borderless and Flexible Deployment
Integration All Instruments
Support Modbus Protocol, Multiple I/O Interfaces
Seamless Software Connectivity
SCADA, Modeling, GIS and HMI
Powerful cloud platform
Can be anytime, anywhere Operation and monitoring
PRODUCTS: PRO RTU Controller, ECO Wireless Logger, AQWEB Cloud SCADA Server.