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The total number of employees is 3801 and the establishment is about 1,534 beds. Taichung is a first-class teaching and community courtyard. The wastewater treatment plant uses the AQUAS water quality monitoring and management system to ensure that the water treatment and drainage of patients and medical staff in the hospital meet environmental protection standards.

Uni-President Enterprises is the biggest chain supermarkets and food factories in Taiwan. Its Natural Mineral Water Plant locates in Ruifang where those mineral veins of meaical stone act as screener layer by layer to nourish high quality mineral water. AQUAS Solution acts to control the quality production of high quality meaical mineral water.
(ECO / SMR04 SMR07 /SMR10)

South America's food faucet (the factory covers an area of about 50,000 square meters and produces 600 million products per year) belongs to its fleet using AQUAS water quality monitoring equipment. AQUAS water quality monitoring equipment uses the most cutting-edge ultra-low-power miniature energy-saving technology, with instant detection function, and almost maintenance-free. 24 hours continuous monitoring of the drinking water and flushing water quality of the ship to ensure that the water quality meets ship sanitary standards. When any abnormal water quality is detected, an alarm is immediately issued to improve the safety of the drinking water quality of the ship.