Culture and Mission
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Culture and Mission

Mission ■ Assure the quality of wastewater emission to be in compliance with regulations.
■ Conduct efficient management of groundwater network to prevent disasters from occurring
■ Enhance efficiency in water treatment and reduce cost
■ Protect water source and natural environment
■ Secure the quality of drinking water and safeguard public health

Vision We aim to serve as an outstanding global manufacturer of real-time water quality monitoring devices and system. Our goal is to provide our system integration clients with simple, reliable, intelligent water solution around the world. With purpose of protecting water environment from contamination, we are in hope of serving humans with clean and safe water.

Business Philosoph ■ We are a team gathered up by talented people with close commitment and professional knowledge
■ We develop unique, indispensable, unprecedented, and revolutionarily innovative technique
■ Here we stand! We build up professional fields and subdivide market positions
■ We contribute to social welfare while making water circle and our life better.
■ Continuously break through limit and strike for excellence!
■ Respect each employee’s personality and independent self-management
■ Create a pleasant, complete, and secured working place for our employees to develop their talents. Give recognition to their contribution and assist them to obtain satisfaction and achievement from their jobs.
■ To be the long-term provider of the most reliable technique and solution in global water industry

Values Successful life circle: Earn money, dreams come true, do good

Methodology Learn wide, Ask wise, Think twice, Know well, Take action

Joy Set your heart on the truth, hold to virtue, lean upon human-heartedness, and seek relaxation and enjoyment in the six arts.

A+ Culture
Customer obsession
Invent and simplify
Are right, a lot
Learn and be curious
Hire and develop the best
Insist on the highest standards
Think big
Bias for action
Earn trust

Dive deep
Have backbone ; disagreeand commit
Deliver results

Success Formula

Quality Policy
To make our company become the pioneer of high-quality monitoring products and service in environmental water area worldwide.
We constantly make progress on the quality of our products and service to meet customers’ satisfaction or even surpass their expectation.
Core Value 

■ We serve to see your smile. We do to support your goal.
■ The sooner we see the problem, the faster we can solve it. Let’s win at the start line with us!
■ Never forget to be perseverant and diligent.
■ To continuously improve and self-criticize